Monday, May 16, 2011

Composition Book Re-Do: Pencil Included

So my middle one gets in the car the other day with a pencil and a piece of paper. Keep in mind that there are at least 10 notebooks of varying sizes in the drawer for "notebooks" and other things that are okay to take in the car. We also have a "church bag" that has all kind of supplies that we often grab for places other than church. On that day for some reason she just wanted a pencil and paper - going simple I guess. We were headed to the talent show at school and she was concerned she might get bored and need to draw or maybe take notes - who knows? Anyhow, it occured to me that a journal with a pencil attached that could live in the pocket behind the passenger seat might just be the perfect car accessory for my craft/art obsessed 5 year old. So, once everyone was off to school I grabbed a few supplies and got to work. Here is the final product and how I did it - enjoy!

I used a composition book, a scrap piece of paper, felt, Mod Podge & a glue gun.  I trimmed the paper to size, allowing an extra inch or so to fold over the edge of the book.  The paper is less likely to separate from the book this way.  I attached the paper with Mod Podge and sealed it as well.  I cut the felt long enough and wide enough to accommodate a pencil.  Using a glue gun I attached the "pocket" to the cover.  I personalized it with a {b} to make it hers, stuck a pencil in and walaaa:  notebook, pencil included!  I think she will be just thrilled.

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  1. very cute. I am always losing my pen, this would help a ton! Great Idea :)

  2. Sweet project - now where is my pen - lol!! I stopped by from The Sundae Scoop, I've posted a project there too!
    Hugs, antonella :-)